About Us

Welcome to Graceful Care Living, a serene and compassionate personal care with a north and south campus in the Pittsburgh area. Our mission is to provide a warm, nurturing environment that feels just like home for our residents. With years of experience in personal care, our dedicated team focuses on delivering tailored support and companionship to each individual in our community.

At Graceful Care Living, we believe in honoring the unique stories and preferences of our residents. Our approach combines professional healthcare with a deep understanding of the emotional and social needs of our community. Our home is designed to foster a sense of belonging and ease. With cozy living spaces, beautiful courtyards, and a variety of engaging activities, we create a vibrant atmosphere that encourages social interaction and personal growth. Safety, health, and happiness are at the core of everything we do.

We invite you to become a part of our family at Graceful Care Living, where we cherish every moment and celebrate the journey of life together.

Our Locations

Pittsburgh South | Elizabeth

Our newest location launching in June/July of 2024. 145 Broadlawn Drive is situated on 8.5 acres with breath-taking views, single floor, 26,000 sq. ft. building specifically built and designed for assisted living. This high-quality residence has 51 rooms and 91 beds for single or double occupancy and is now taking applications for residence.

Pittsburgh North | Sharpsburg

Located in the heart of Sharpsburg, 5 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh, this location is situated close to stores, shopping, transportation, Route 28, and more. Our historic residence has 32 rooms and 52 beds for single or double occupancy. Please inquire with the link below if you have an interest in learning more.

Graceful Care Leadership Team

Our women-owned management and administration team has a vast amount of experience in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, real estate, senior living, finance, military, and more.

Angelea Bartoldi

Owner | Administrator
Licensed Personal Care Home Administrator. Licensed Practical Nurse. 10 Years of Experience in Nursing, Geriatrics, Skilled Living, Pain Management, and Pediatrics. Accredited Investor. Wife. Mother.

Antoinette Singh

Owner | Administrator
Licensed Personal Care Home Administrator. Licensed Speech Language Pathologist. U.S. Army Veteran. Experience in Geriatrics, Assisted Living, Pathology, and Audiology. Accredited Investor. Wife. Mother.

Tina Bartoldi

Owner | Administrator
Licensed Personal Care Home Administrator. Licensed Project Manager. Experience in Personal Care Homes, Finance, Project Management, and Property Management. Accredited Investor. Wife. Mother.

"At Graceful Care Living, we believe in creating not just a place to live, but a vibrant community where every individual feels valued, connected, and genuinely at home. Our environment is imbued with warmth and compassion, reflecting the strong bonds and deep sense of belonging that flourish among our residents and staff. We're more than a care home; we're a family, dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of each individual while fostering a nurturing atmosphere where everyone can thrive."
Deon Singh
Managing Partner

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